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  Name Current Position Degree/Subject Joined Group Contact
Ron Walter Dr. Ron Walter

Professor and University Chair in Cancer Research,

Director of the Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center

PhD, Molecular Genetics 1988


office: 512.245.0357

Mikki Boswell Mrs. Mikki Boswell

Program Coordinator

MS, Chemistry 2012


office: 512.245.6286

William Boswell Mr. William Boswell Senior Research Assistant

MS, Biology

MS, Microbiology



office: 512.245.0358

Yuan Lu

Dr. Yuan Lu

Assistant Professor-Research

(Program Faculty)

PhD, Biochemistry 2014


office: 512.245.0358

Dr. Carolyn Chang

Dr. Carolyn Chang

South Texas Bridge Program Coordinator

(Program Faculty)


Fish and Wildlife Biology & Management



office: 512.245.9683

updated 09/2019)


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Dr. Raquel Salinas Assistant Director of Career Development The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Ellysa Vogt Graduate Research Asst. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Taryn Olivas Graduate Research Asst. Yale University
Trevor Gonzalez Graduate Research Asst. Duke University
Jordan Chang Graduate Research Asst. Penn State, Hershey Medical Center
Kaela (Caballero) Navarro Veterinary Student Michigan State University
Dr. Yingjia Shen Professor Xiamen University
Dr. Kuan Yang Data Science Manager III Samsung Electronics America
Dr. Sara Volk Consultant Science Careers and Education
Dr. Tzintzuni Garcia Bioinformatician University of Chicago
Kevin Downs Graduate Research Asst. UTHSCSA - Integrated Multidisciplinary Graduate Program doctoral program
Amanda Pasquali Design Lead IBM
 Adam Contreras Graduate Research Asst.  UC-Davis - Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology doctoral program
 Dr. Vagmita Pabuwal   Seattle
 Dr. Ryo Nozu Post Doctoral Fellow Meio University